Sunday, January 12, 2014

Weekly Letter 01/07/14

Hello everyone. This has been one busy busy week, but what week isn't busy? We officially lost our car in our area and will be splitting the area with the sisters. That's the phone call I received last saturday, so my companion is laughing while I'm enthusiastic. Although I don't enjoy biking around in a white shirt and tie, I enjoy meeting people as I bike from place to place. I am also excited to have a small and more concentrated area to work with. I can't wait for the day when things just click. Until then, we keep cleaning up and working hard. We decided to start over with the area and go out to find people to teach. We have so far only found a few people, but will be looking even harder in the future. The work has been tough and continues to try my faith, but the great news is the progress made by everyone around me. It's so great to see people progress in the gospel and have that fire within them to go out and work. I've learned that the spirit is this motivation. The Lord does his side of the work and I just make sure that I am keeping the commandments, keeping my covenants, and being a good boy. The lesson that I've learned is that I have my part and the Lord has His part. Sometimes I have stressed myself out with why someone hasn't found that desire yet, but I've come to realize that I must teach as best I can, then let the spirit do the rest. Another lesson that I've learned is to set goals. I've set daily goals for everything possible! But it keeps me busy and focused on the main goal for myself.

Thank you all for sending letters and emails to me. I enjoy hearing from all of you throughout the week. Those messages have been the inspiration that I've needed many times. I hope everyone enjoys the new year and what it has to bring. Even though I find out who my new companion is at 2pm. My mission president has already let me know who it is going to be. His name is Elder Howell. He is from the south, so I am excited about that. I'll do my best to take pictures and keep you all updated on my crazy adventures. I've found out that dogs don't like me very much...they usually run at me before my companion, so that's quite the adventure. I sent in a few more papers for my visa yesterday, so hopefully it will be entering the Brazil consulate sometime soon to be processed. Until then, I will be here in the Graham area for another six weeks at least! Until next week...


Elder Moody

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