Sunday, November 24, 2013

My Final Week at the MTC --- November 22, 2013

Hello everyone,

It has been such an incredible week. As I look back on my MTC experience, I can't help but see how much I've grown. I've grown spiritually and maybe in size too...I have yet to weigh myself. I haven't been able to focus as much this past week, because I'm so ready to jump into the field. I'm so excited to hear about CJ! The time was going to be here eventually. He was basically already a member! Words can't explain how much he will be blessed for this decision. I heard from my companion that there were some tornadoes in Kentucky. The first thing I thought of when I heard that was "that's a service opportunity that could bring some people to the knowledge of the gospel!" I hope that relief efforts can be established so that those people can recover from such a devastation. President Lindmark is going to be released? That'll be a crazy change! Let me know who becomes the new stake president! I hope that Lauren and Kyle will have a safe move with Everett. I'm excited for you all! I'm also jealous. The cold weather is arriving and plus washington will be cold...I want to get my tie tan on already in Cuiaba! 

An elder in my district pointed out the other day how large my mission is in's like bigger than california, oregon and washignton combined! Most of the mission is farm land and such from the google images i've seen. So hopefully that means I can do some farm work for service projects! Let's see...this week was relaxed for the most part. The skype session with Giovana from Brazil was super cool! It made me realize how much work I have to do with my portuguese though. She had a wonderful conversion story and we talked about Resurrection. She shared with us how her parents weren't members yet and I shared an experience with her and the spirit was super strong. The work in Brazil is crazy. I found out the my mission in Brazil has about 550 baptisms per month on average. That blew my mind. Alas...I'm off the the foreign land of Washington. I guess I get to experience winter in the Northwest and maybe the winter in Cuiaba instead of summer to summer. My district decided to use one of the elders tape recorders, that his parents got him, to record the secret government tape on the zombie apocalypse in the MTC...I wish you all could hear it. We have a good time with each other. We have quite the goofy district. The speaker from last tuesdays devotional was from Brazil. He is a seventy and I have no idea how to spell his name. He was so enthusiastic about the plan of salvation, especially with the need to reach the Celestial Kingdom. His wife spoke on the need of a optimistic attitude. The devotionals have always been so exciting. 

I heard about UK basketball, do forget to cheer them on! The Heiligs, who arrived this past week, gave me a good update on how the team is doing. I love you all. Go CATS!

Elder Moody

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