Friday, November 15, 2013

November 15, 2013

Hello everyone. It has been one crazy week. I continue to grow in the portuguese language and in the gospel. I finished the Book of Mormon this past week and I definitely learned many a things throughout my reading. Something I learned was that it isn't the words, but the spirit felt while reading makes the biggest difference. I still can't believe how far I've come in the past month. Next week I will receive my reassignment, so prepare yourselves for my second mission call! Missionaries have been going all of the country, so I could go anywhere. They should just send me to the Louisville, Kentucky mission. I learned a lot about Brazil this past week. I met an elder from Brazil that is going to Boston portuguese speaking. He told me all about Brazil and the culture. I learned that I'll probably get a tie tan and a tan from my missionary tag. So basically, the sun goes right through your's that hot.

We didn't receive a new district this past week, but I got to host, which was pretty cool. I met a missionary who was a convert of a year and a half and just arrived on his mission. Next week, there is supposed to be 900 missionaries coming in...we only had 300 this past wednesday. Our branch should get two new districts and the MTC will get about 80 new portuguese speaking missionaries. The west campus of the MTC will be only spanish speaking by next wednesday. Anyways, the work is going forward like never before. They are shipping out the english speaking missionaries super quick as well. My companion and I have done a lot better with teaching lessons and working together. We plan a ton, which I love. We will be teaching via skype to someone in Brazil tomorrow. My teacher is getting his friends in brazil to get on. So most likely I'll be teaching my first nonmember tomorrow! My teachers are super cool, we especially have a ton of fun with our teacher who is from Brazil.

So, this past week my district has been working on listening more. I can't tell you how much this has helped us to grow. We have all gotten better at understanding those you are fluent in portuguese. We also write a positive note to two other elders in the district. This has helped us all grow significantly. I feel as the Brother of Jared did when the Lord touched the stones. Every stone that was lit, his faith grew even more until he had perfect faith. As I watch those elders in my district grow, my faith increases just a little bit more. 

You'll never guess who was the speaker at the devotional this past tuesday! Elder L. Tom Perry came and gave a wonderful talk. He gave us a report on the missionaries in the Phillipines in which through the work of the Lord, about thirty missionaries were able to get out of the devastated area that they were serving in for the time being. He talked of the faithfulness of a stake president and a softened heart of a sergeant that flew them out. The Lord does work in mysterious ways. What's great is that we just have to trust him with all of our heart.

An elder cracked his head open yesterday while playing was pretty bad. That's why I play HORSE now...
I hope everyone is doing well and I'd love to hear updates! Go Cats!

Elder Moody

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