Sunday, November 10, 2013

November 8, 2013

Eu se amo! Eu sento seus amor por todas as oraçãos. I am starting to really love the portuguese language. This past week has been one incredible experience. I don't know where to begin! I have to say though, I got a pretty sweet haircut....but that's not all, they even trimmed my eyebrows. I know what your thinking, Elder Moody must look even more handsome than he was before. Although this may seem impossible,(because of my dashing looks before) but it's the truth. As I run my fingers over my trimmed eyebrows, I tell myself, "Elder Moody, you define handsome, you are the pure definition of handsome." This humility is overpowering to some, so if you have children, you may want to cut this part out. Anyways, my haircut is pretty sweet too. 

The lessons with our investigators have gone quite well. We started teaching President de Costa, who used to be an area seventy and a mission president. he works my companion and I every single lesson. He likes to give us some tough questions and make us use the bible a lot, because his role is that of a baptist. The lessons have been pretty good though, the spirit has helped us find the words to answer his questions and I have scripture, in the bible, that I will be using next lesson to talk about the pre-mortal life. Our other investigator is one of our teachers who took on the role of this man with brain cancer and his vision is pretty bad. So that has been quite interesting to prepare him for his supposed baptism date on the 23rd. Class is pretty hard to sit through sometimes. Class lasts for three hours and sometimes is right after lunch, and with the amount of food I eat at lunch, it feels like thanks giving everyday. I just want to take a nap! Plus, with the teacher speaking in portuguese all the time, it makes me pretty tired. I think our comfortable chairs have something to do with it too. The spirit has been with my companion and I throughout our lessons, so we've been able to speak pretty good portuguese and get out message across through the spirit. We have been blessed.

My companion and I watched the Character of Christ, which is a film that they show every sunday on the talk that David A. Bednar gave at the MTC. It was one inspiring film. A quick summary would be that Christ in every situation turned outward and served those around him. Other news would be that I have been called as District Leader! It has been pretty tough so far, but has helped me to serve more and help my district. I have learned about patience these past few weeks as well. We are all trying to improve ourselves and have set goals to stretch ourselves. I gave my first priesthood blessing as well this past week. That was one inspiring experience. 

I'm glad to receive news about how everyone is doing. Thank you for all of your prayers and letters. I truly fell blessed. Please send me emails! Go Cats!

Elder Moody

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