Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013

What a week it has been! I am serving in the Elk Plain Ward where the people live to get away from everything and like to have dogs...big dogs. We usually give the gate a tap before we open any gates. Dogs just love us, what can I say? I'm just a stud. Washington is quite the interesting place. The area that I serve is like eastern kentucky with a twist. What a twist it is too! There are many people who go to this area to get away from people, so they like their privacy. I have met some super nice people in the area that have great families. It isn't rainy, but moist, very moist. I keep telling my companion that I don't need to drink water, because of osmosis. 

My first week was full of activities. We talk to many part member families and those that don't go to church often to see how they are doing and to share an uplifting message. We enjoyed Thanksgiving at a wonderful member's home. We had a great time there while visiting with them. We enjoy going around and talking to people as well as visiting with those who struggle with the challenges of life as well as those who are lonely. We a family put up their Christmas lights for the first time. Interesting thing is that the father has been in the army for awhile now and has been in a bomb blast like 38 times...seriously though. He is definitely a walking miracle. I've met some people who were so ready to hear the gospel that they just drop all of their old habits and follow Jesus Christ. Iain's baptism was moved to yesterday with another guy who was getting baptized. That was so neat. There was such a great turn out for the baptism too and Iain's whole family made it to the baptism, which was just the greatest thing. I can't wait for them to be confirmed next week. 

My companion and I have gotten along really well. He is from Illinois and has a crazy good singing voice. My district is great and the zone I'm in has some pretty awesome elders and sisters. It has been such a great week. I was also excited to find another UK basketball fan while I was at the Thanksgiving activity that the mission had. I am in one piece and am super excited to get some more work done in the Lord's vineyard. I hope everyone is doing well at home! It's supposed to snow here tonight, so I'll be getting another coat to cope with the cold weather. By the way, all of my mail should be sent to the mission office and they will forward it to me. It's a mission rule set by the mission president. He is a super cool guy. I hope everyone has a great week! 

Elder Moody

P.S. here is the address

Elder Michael Moody
Washington Federal Way Mission
23175 224th Pl SE Ste E
Maple Valley WA 98038
United States

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