Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Week 4/07/14

So the past two nights I have been having the craziest dreams....I kept dreaming about who won the UK bball game!! I was just dying to know if they made it or not! This is no joke too. This happened two nights in a row....then I found out the splendid news! What a game! Time for a championship victory! 

Back to the other news. This weeks has been a good one. My companion leaves in four weeks and he is definitely ready to go home. I even found out that he is getting married in november...he is already planning the wedding with his girlfriend. Some fun stories about my area. I am now serving in one gigantic area...for example, yesterday we walked an hour and twenty minutes to get to lunch. The day before we walked forty minutes to lunch and forty minutes back to catch a bus to the stake center to watch conference. The stories I will tell when I´m older....I used to walk two hours to get to lunch, in the scorching heat of Cuiabá with little to no wind. I lost ten pounds with how much aI sweat that day and barely made it to lunch where I quenched my ever desperate need to drink water.... Life in Cuiabá, hopefully I´ll make it down to the south eventually on my mission where it is a bit cooler. Another elder and I were talking and he thinks that i´ll become the next financial secretary...his reasoning is that my portuguese is coming along well, the timing for the switch is perfect, Americans are always the financial secretaries, and I´m serving in Cuiabá and will be at the time of the switch. We´ll see how that one goes. The air conditioning benefits would definitely be worth it. 

So my companion and I moved into the old Sister´s apartment in Cóxipo. It hadn´t been used for about twelve weeks, so we had to shake off some dust and battle the cockroaches. This is an ongoing battle, but we are winning, so don´t give up on team Louza and Moody. We have had some good times this past week, with conference and transfers this past week, we didn´t get to work very much, so no baptisms yet. Mostly walking and walking some more. We had some fun experiences on the buses this week though. They are pretty crazy...seriously though. 

Language update....I´m doing good. Speaking more and understanding more each day. My companion now has been helping me out a lot with the language, so I have definitely made some good progress. I have been able to start having small conversations with people, so that is a plus. I have been able to improve my teaching as well, so things are definitely going well on the language front. This next week will be a good one. Hopefully I will receive some good news about the game today. Don´t forget to cheer for UK! GO CATS!

I hope you all have a great week. I love you all dearly. 

Elder Moody

P.S. Elder Ellis, my MTC companion, received his visa and has arrived in Brazil! 

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