Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Weekly Email 3/31/14

Ow! yup, this is real life! So there is some good news coming from yours truly this week. Rafael our investigator was baptized yesterday! I totally forgot my camera to send a picture but will next week! The other good news, which I don´t think I shared last week was that Jeff, the 11 year old that I was teaching in Washington, was baptized on the 22nd or March! We almost had a miracle baptism with another investigator, Josias, that came to church before. He is totally getting baptized this next transfer though. This is only the begginning of the good news! By the way, Rafael is a stud. He kept his commitments and made some very hard decisions. I will miss him...oops, did I let that secret slip. It´s true, I will be moving to the area next door and opening up a second dupla (companionship) in the area with another Elder who will be going home after this next transfer. I can´t remember his name, but everyone says he is one of their favorite people. The name of the area is Cóxipo, and they had five baptisms last transfer, including the miracle baptism I talked about before. The cool part is that I really wanted to stay in the "area" but move to Cóxipo, So prayers have been answered as things have been difficult with my companion and area this past transfer.

So, the coolest things happened yesterday. We need to rewind to Saturday night at the Show de Talentos. We had a cool skit there. The president of the branch came up with the idea, mom you´ll like this. So it starts with me sitting behind a ping pong table setup to where you can´t see me. There is a sign that says Ponta do Ônibus(Bus Stop). One person enters and is "waiting for the bus" as the bus passes by and they just smell something awful, thinking they smelled, but that just not being it, so they leave. The next enters and the same thing happens, but they think they stepped in dog crap. Then the third enters and the same things happens, because there is just something awful that smells. Then, after they leave, I stand up, look around, "pull my pants up", throw the toilet paper behind me as I walk out and have a piece of toilet paper stuck in my pants as I walk out....the branch president is hilarious. Everyone got a good laugh out of that one. So to jump back to my other story, we met with the Branch President and he asked us to give a training the next day at church for the first hour. Church is flipped here. Sacrament meeting is last. We agreed and so I prepared a short message to give and thinking that I wouldn´t have to cover much time. So two of the elders give their training, then Elder Geisler (the guy from California) told me it was my turn. The strange thing was that I wasn´t that nervous. So I started giving my training, no big deal, stressed the simple things that we need to do, then bore my testimony and that was that...come to find out, when I sat down, that I had taken over fifteen minutes (I was only supposed to give a ten minute training) and thought that I just stumbled on my words or something, because that definitely happens. Throughout church, people were saying thank you for the training and that it was good. I didn´t think much of it, but was definitely grateful for the compliments, because they are a confidence booster. Then, since it was fast and testimony meeting, Elder Pereira got up and bore his testimony and mentioned that the Lord helps us, right? Then he uses my training as an example! I was shocked...he said that after only six weeks Elder Moody can speak and understand a lot. He said I could understand everything, but that´s not true. After six more weeks, maybe haha. So I´m just shocked at this point, then people just kept saying how great I did. It just reminds me of how blessed I´ve truly been, especially with the circumstances I was given. It proved to me that I need to turn to the Lord for help and when all else falls through, He makes up the rest, and in this case it was through the spirit. My heart is just full of joy for all that I have received. 

So in other news, the other elders obtaining bug spray, but killed the spiders! I told them that they should leave the spiders there so we don´t have as many flies, mosquitos, and other things that fly...unfortunately cockraoches move to fast and are to big for the spiders to kill them...but that´s why I have my shoes. This past week we found not one but two frogs in our shower! They were small, but that was crazy! There was some more downpouring rain yesterday, but the good news is that it was a nice and "cold" week this week. That just means the sun wasn´t out as much and we actually had some wind. Miracles. In other news, I just got word that UK made it to the final four!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope everyone has a fantastic week. I am thankful to everyone for the prayers, and I hope you feel how they have been answered. It was a hard week, but many great things happened to help me have motivation to move on to the next week. I love you all so much.


Elder Moody

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