Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Weekly Email 01/21/14

Due to the holiday yesterday, my email has been delayed to today. You all must be sitting on the edge of your seats! So I will get to telling you all about my wonderful week. It has been foggy 4 days of this past week. Who needs rain when you have companion and I have been extremely grateful for the reflective vests that a member gave us. Cars I am sure are happy as well. Mom, don't worry, drivers here are nice! My companion and I have been careful about when we travel too and frequently ask for rides from those with trucks. So yesterday my bike handle bars came loose and I didn't think much of it, but after noticing that I couldn't keep my bike going straight I became a little worried. I even told my companion that I would jump off my bike if the handle bars came off by chance. So after constant prayer and riding a few miles we stopped at our Ward Mission leaders home and he was able to tighten them back's too bad though, because I've always wanted an excuse to run into a mailbox or jump into a ditch.... The lesson that I learned was to listen to the promptings of the spirit when the spirit tells you to grab your Allen Wrench as your walking out the door. 

My companion and I have had some great moments this past week. Double the southern charm helps out a little bit. My companion and I were planning not this past Sunday but the Sunday before, and my companion felt the need to visit a part member couple. Come to find out that they are a DNC (do not contact) on the ward list that we have. They let us in though! After a lengthy conversation we find out that they are both from Germany. We listened and set up a return appointment for the next Monday, yesterday, and she even invited us over for dinner. It was dinner with a German twist to it. Talking about some good food. Anyways, we had a short message on the Holy Ghost and gave her a blessing. I can't tell you how powerful those moments were. The spirit was strong in that home. We will be visiting them next week and I can't wait to see them again. Some people have been through so much and for them to even be where they are at now is a blessing in of itself. It's interesting how the spirit works. We were looking at a list and were told to go visit this family. Not knowing before hand what we should do and not knowing what to do in the moment, the spirit led us every step of the way as Nephi himself was led. How great and marvelous are the works of God! To be a part of this work is the greatest blessing for my life. 

Over the past week, I have learned how to love God's children no matter the circumstances they may face. I pray for all of you and am glad to hear those prayers are being answered by our loving Heavenly Father. My joy is full today. I love you all with my heart.


Elder Moody

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