Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Weekly Email 02/10/14

It has been quite the week. Full of meetings and topped off with snow, which led to the cancellation of church. This means that the investigators we are teaching won't be baptized at least until a week after I leave for Brazil. It is definitely sad, but I can't wait to get the pictures from the baptism. What an exciting time to be a missionary! The week was off to a wonderful start, where we were having a lot of success. The weather was great, the bikes were working well, and we were having some great visits with people. We were blessed this past week with much success. We continue to teach a less active member and her husband. Who fed us well last Monday. Food with a German twist is so good! I will let you all know how our visit with them tonight goes. 

The weather on Saturday took a turn towards cold! My companion and I started out walking and it was snowing a bit...after about twenty minutes the snow started to stick, to the ground and to us! I kept telling my companion that the weather wasn't severe enough, so we should keep going. Well, the snow was about an inch thick by the time we got to our investigator's home, then the snow really picked up while we had our first snow ball fight with the neighborhood(snow ball fights are a great contacting tool). We reminded them about church and some other commitments, then started to a less active member's home. Throughout our walk, we went from walking in two inches of snow to about four inches of snow. We then had a lesson with them and had a another short snow ball fight with them. When we left there house, there was about six inches of snow. Since we had to return early, we decided to make a snowman, snow angels, and had another snow ball fight. I'll send some pictures of our glorious snowman. By the time the snow stopped, we had over six inches of snow! It was crazy! It looks like I was able to enjoy a little bit of winter before I go to Brazil. I hope everyone has a great week and I might send some updates before I go to Brazil, but if not my next email will be from the foreign land they call Brazil. I love you all bunches!


Elder Moody 

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