Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Weekly Email 02/19/14

what a week! I arrived safely in Cuiabá yesterday traveling time ended up being about forty hours long, including the layovers. my week in washington included me being sick, sick some more, and oh, just a little more sick. talking about an exciting email. well have a great brincando.

So i missed my flight on monday. i blame it on technology. but this story is more of how the lord works in misterious ways. so i walked up to the gate that i thought my flight was at, got in line and was about to get on the plane when the person there told me that i was at the wrong i ended up walking away confused, looked at the screen and it didn´t show any flights to NYC where my connection was at to go to São Paulo. As i looked at my ticket one last time, i saw my gate number, B9. i was currently at D8, the other side of the Seattle airport. i ended up missing my flight and having to setup a different flight to try and get to minneapolis then to NYC. as i went through the workers at Delta, the last seats from minneapolis to NYC filled up! I was praying continually at that point. what ended up happening was that i got on a flight to detroit then i went from detrioit to brazil. The cool part is that the Lord got me to that flight, because I met Kelvin. He is from China and was on his way to Ohio to study at Ohio State. His english was good enough that we talked about a lot of things. He said that he liked to read in english and read Eclipse; he really liked the book. So I gave him a book in english that I thought he´d like. This book ended up being the Book of Mormon. He was really excited! The lesson I learned was that the Lord is incharge...all the time. 

My travels ended up being extremely long. The worst part was going from a ten hour flight to a twelve hour layover. It was exciting...especially with the two nights of little sleep. We actually took a bus to board the plane, which was kind of weird. But I got to use stairs to board the plane! We have been in Cuiabá the past day and I will be in an area on the outskirts of Cuiabá with my native brazilian companion that I´m going to meet here in about an hour. Some elders have to travel by bus later tomorrow to there areas that will be an 18 hour bus ride. I found out too that from the top of the mission to the bottom is a total of a 40 hour bus ride. It is bigger than the size of California. Transfers will be fun! The other realization that I had was that it is hot here! I like to think of it as a refreshing sauna all the time. Blessings. I don´t have much time, because I´m leaving here in a few minutes to go to my area, but I love you all and wanted you all to know that i´m in Brazil! By the way, USPS works for sending packages and you all can just send letters here no big deal. USPS is pretty good, may or may not get here, but usually does. The problem will be getting my package from the office. Since the mission is so big, it is hard to get mail quickly. So send mail, but make sure it can sit somewhere for awhile until it can be delivered. I love you all!

Elder Moody

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