Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Weekyl Email 02/03/14

For some strange reason sacrament attendance was down...oh yeah the Seahawks were playing in the superbowl. So I probably had the best Sunday School lesson yesterday...I believe Washington might be the only place where this happens. (WARNING: please don't try this at home nor church...the results may lead to injury) The Ward Mission leader decided to bring some visual aids. We had a lesson on the story of the wedge in the tree. Where the tree grew around the wedge and fell apart in a storm. Our ward mission leader brought a sledge hammer, a wedge, and a nice piece of wood. He commenced by having my companion hold the wedge as he attempted to hit the wedge into the log...although the wedge didn't split the wood, I definitely got the message...I mean when someone uses a sledge hammer, it is kind of hard to ignore or forget such a lesson. The lesson was forgiveness and with each hit of the sledge hammer I forgave a lot more people. So don't worry! I've forgiven all of you! I wish I could take a picture of this Ward Mission leader as he finishes the lesson by holding the sled hammer on his shoulder...priceless. 

We have been working with some investigators this past week and have had a ton of success. We had many powerful lessons were the spirit was guiding the things which we talked about. We even had them committed to come to church. Unfortunately, they didn't make it to church. Hopefully I don't get transferred in two weeks so that I can see them get baptized next transfer. There definitely is opposition in all things. The good news is that they have enjoyed the basketball games at the chuch with the youth and us coming over and talking to them. There is sunshine over the horizon and we keep pressing on. 

We had some spiritual lessons with many less active members of the ward. The Lord guides us as we go from place to place and lets us know who we need to stop by when sometimes we didn't plan to see them. It's interesting how patient the Lord is with us in each of our own personal trials. I have found myself needing to take a step back and taking a look at the work the Lord does compared to what I do. I have much gratitude in my heart and hope for what lies next. The best way to express myself is through the scriptures Romans 11:33-36. I am grateful for this journey that I'm on. I love you all so very much. 


Elder Moody

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