Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Weekly Email 2/24/14

This country is quite different than the United States! I´ve tried a lot of foods that are common here but aren´t in the United States. I had maracujá for the first time. It makes you very sleepy and man was I sleeping after having that. I´ve never seen so much rice in my life to or never have drinken so much coke. I´ve had more coke this past week than in my entire life! Guaraná is another soda that ther have which is amazing. So I live in na apartment with three other Elders. One is from Califórnia and the other two are Brasileiros. It´s nice to have na Elder that speaks english so that he can explain how things usually go and so I can have some encouragement with the different culture. Lunch is quite a big deal here. I have had some good food and some very healthy food that doesn´t have any spices. It´s pretty sweet. From day one, I have progressed significantly in the language. I went from not understanding anything to understanding just a little bit more. I seem to speak better than I can understand. It´s amazing how when I´m in a lesson and teaching, the spirit connects all of the words and helps the people understand. I wish I could have that spirit with me 24/7!

We had a cool experience on Saturday. We were walking to go meet with some investigators and others that we planned on seeing. As we were walking, I looked over and asked if the building I saw was some apartments. My copmpanion said yes and he asked me if I wanted to go over there. I agreed. We went over there and knocked on a few doors and found josais. He invited us in, where I took the lead and taught the lesson, through the spirit of course, and he accepted the invitation to be baptized. This was just the beginning though. We also invited him to church the next day and he accepted, then we went and knocked on his door, then he came to church! We commited him to be baptized on March 8 and he seemed to enjoy church, the members, and everything else. So we were very excited. What this all comes down to was a prayer of Faith. We had prayed earlier that day to find someone who would want to be baptized and the Lord answered our prayers.

This mission is definitely different than Washington. I am glad to be here and can´t wait until I adjust and learn the language better. I definitely enjoy Brazil and love the culture. I am serving in an área called Parque Cuiabá. I forgot to get a Picture with my companion, so I´ll try to remember it for next week. I love you all and hope you have a great week!


Elder Moody 

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