Wednesday, April 9, 2014

weekly Email 3/03/14

Where to begin with such a big week! Just kidding, it was just more adjusting, talking in portuguese, learning the ways of the Cuiaba mission, getting bit by mosiquitos all day long(I was told that the mosiquitos here in Cuiaba are the worst for the mission). So, i just stopped caring about getting bit and am pretty close to just giving in to not killing anymore mosquitos, because they just reproduce so fast...i just love mosquitos. So, everyday, I sweat. When I get back to my apartment, I just sit in front of my fan and try to cool off. Also, being on the bus, while it´s raining, is like a sauna, seriously though. The funny thing is that I love it! Bus drivers are payed by commision from what I hear, so once everyone is on the bus, the bus driver takes off! So if you ever ride a bus in Brazil, hold onto something, for dear life. There are a lot of speed bumps here too. They have speed limits, but no one follow them, because the police don´t pull anyone over for speeding. So, somewhere along the line, they put in speed bumps instead. So imagine with me for a second, riding down the road in a bus, then the bus driver not slowing down too much, and hits the speed of course leave your seat, and enjoy the feeling of butterflies in your stomach as you leave your seat and then reconnect with it. Who needs rollercoasters when you can ride a bus in Brazil? Living life on the edge, like always of course. 

So this week was a little more frustrating than usual. The area I´m in as had some troubles in the past in many degrees and has been evidence to me that we must stay within the bounds that the Lord has set. Rebuilding is pretty stressful in a small branch(especially when you can´t speak the language well or understand much), so we find ourselves working on our own to go find, teach, and bring to church. The funny thing is that you can commit people to baptism, but getting them to follow through is difficult, especially when Carnival is going on. Although there was only a fair in the small town I´m in, the investigators didn´t make it to church, and we think it was due to Carnival. But, we will keep working and trying over and over and over until something starts to happen, even if it comes down the road when I leave the area. 

With Brazil comes a couple of good stories for the week. It was raining pretty hard one day and we were drenched from head to toe, so we decided to try and contact to take a break from the rain and we found Carlos, who is 13. He is really cool and loves to play Crossfire(some computer game, I think). We were also walking on this road in the scorching heat and were stopped by a less active member that we didn´t know, and she told us how she wanted to come back to church and bring her family. She is the only member, her husband isn´t a member, and her four children aren´t members too. That was a cool experience after a long day of appointments falling through. Something I´ve learned this past week is how people are being prepared before we meet them and how the spirit works within them when the time is right and people begin to act. It has helped me to have more patience in the lond run with people having to change. It has been quite the two weeks so far in Brazil and I can´t wait to find out what will happen this next week. I would like to reiterate the fact that I have had more Coke in these past two weeks than in my whole life. Another Elder in my apartment says that this area has a thing for Coke and that I won´t see it much in other places. I have to say that I´ve tried many new many new things. It´s a little overwhelming. They just say here try this and I of course try it and haven´t had anything yet that I really didn´t like. I have come to love TererĂ©, which is super good. Anyways, i hope everyone has a great week, I love you all and am grateful for your prayers. They are definitely, without a doubt being answered. I have been well taken care of in many ways and have had an easy time adjusting. Until next time, stay Classy os Estados Unidos. 

Elder Moody

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