Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Weekly Email 3/10/14

Last week I had my first Brazilian BBQ and it was definitely good. We had another one later on in the week too, but they didn´t have any beans, so I felt like something was missing. I have some fish yesterday for almoço, which was interesting. It was like cooking a turkey for thanksgiving, because they stuffed the fish with this stuffing stuff, but the difference was that the whole fish was cooked together, head and fins included. So you had to take a piece and shread it up a bit to make sure that you go the bones out before you ate it. That was some good fish though. I probably tried twenty new foods or dishes this week. The good news is that they were all decent to good and I liked all of them and the even better news is my stomach has adjusted as well. Today I definitely feel way more adjusted to the way of life in the mission here in Brazil.

So the weirdest/funniest thing that I saw this past week had to definitely be when I was walking by a salon place and some lady was getting her armpits waxed...that was...interesting. I was whistled at by some older ladies. Saw a cockroach fly. Hit by some down pouring rain that created a lot of mud, so when I was walking it sucked my shoe off my foot. The heat was definitely relentless this past week too. Just gotta love the combination of heat and humidity. So with all of that sun came a serious tan within a week. It has been quite interesting.

We have had some success this past week with teaching lessons and finding people. The problem continues to be that the investigators aren´t coming to church, so that becomes frustrating. We were out working one day this past week and couldn´t find anyone at home, and it was scorching hot, so we were pretty worn out. My companion had the thought to go visit one of the families in the branch, so we got there and come to find out that the father was in need of a blessing as he was having trouble breathing and had a seriously bad headache. So we were able to give him a blessing and he after taking a trip to the hospital the next day was completely relieved of what was affecting him. From what I got on Sunday, he told me that something was wrong with his face, like he had a rash or something, then after some time in the hospital, the illness left him and he was completely healed. I remember especially understanding when he said that "it was a miracle."

Anyways, the experiences try my patience, but the spirit has helped me in my times of need. It´s great to experience those moments of understanding and to feel happy as the spirit is so strong. We keep working with the branch and hopefully things will get moving and people start coming to church. Until next week, I love you all and hope you have a great week.


elder Moody

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