Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Weekly Email 3/24/14

I don´t know where to begin with this week. My companion was recovering from sickness earlier in the week, so the beginning of the week was a little slow. We were able to get out and teach our Golden investigator Rafael, but besides that, the heat took its toll on my companion who struggled to find energy. The heat here in Cuiabá is just crazy. We faced many days without wind, so your body just struggles to get rid of all the heat from the sun. I´m easily developing a tan. So the weather totally flipped on us though. We have been facing some rain for the past three days, which I´m not complaining about, because it´s better than the heat earlier in the week. Saturday, we were feeling especially energized to work hard to find people home and invite them to church. We made it to a few houses and were leaving a lesson when it started to just sprinkle a bit...then as the minutes past, the rain picked up...we just had one goal, get to Rafael´s house, because we were soaked. He was home, so we were able to dry off and teach a lesson while it was storming like crazy outside. It reminded my of going on a water ride at an amusement park...I mean we were more soaked than that, but that´s the closest thing to compare it to. But see, the problem is that we still had to walk home in the rain....the journey began and we walked through the storm as it stung our skin, walking through flooded streets with the simple dream of being dry again. That´ll be the story I tell when I´m older. We did have to walk through a flooded street, so my feet oficially got wet as the water was fover four inches deep and we had no way around. Anyways enough about the weather. So last night oine of the elders in my apartment woke me up at four in the morning, because he needed a blessing. So i woke up with him standing next to my bed and freaked out a little bit. I just have been having some interesting experiences this transfer!

So, Rafael is this super cool guy who accepted the message from the very beginning. I told you all last week, at least I think I did, that he said he knew the book of mórmon was the word of God the second or third visit we had with him. He fully accepted the Word of Wisdom and has completely stopped smoking. A literal miragle in the making here. I don´t know if I told you all before, but the first lesson we taught to him was the word of wisdom, which the spirit told both my companion and I to teach. He immediately accepted to stop smoking that lesson. The first sunday passed by and he didn´t come to church, but we were able to go over to his place and find him home and take him to church with us. He really enjoyed church and we took him to lunch with us, which was churrasco, and he talked openly with a member about the scriptures...seriously, this guy is a stud. The plan is to set up a baptismal date for next sunday after church, and baptize him before the transfer is over. To end it all, what a week. I love you all and have felt your prayers answered, it has given me the help I needed to overcome many challenges faced each day. I hope you all have a great week! Next week I´ll be able to give you all updates on if I get transfered or just stay here in good ole parque Cuiabá.

If you didn´t know, it was my dad´s birthday yesterday, Happy Birthday Dad!

Elder Moody

P.S. GO CATS!!!!!!

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